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Make Over Monday – DIY Framed Magnetic Make-up Board

By August 5, 2013Decor, DIY, Organization, Upcycling
Hello Readers! 

I am finally getting the hang of this crazy schedule that I am now working. It has been a little over a month and it just seems to be a stream of never-ending exhaustion on my end (mentally and physically).  Essentially, I have become semi whiny and useless after a long week… which makes me sound like a whole bunch a fun to be around right? Yeah… talk to my boyfriend… he will back that statement up. But he has been a good sport. I appreciate his patience with me…. and more importantly that goes for ALL of you as well!

Now, onto more exciting things like the finished product of my new magnetic makeup board for my bathroom!!! Trust me ladies… this saves so much space and makes getting ready in the morning much faster than digging and fishing through my makeup bag. I mean it… it saves me a lot of time now. I don’t have to search for that perfect shade of lipstick I get inspired to wear. It displays my makeup in such a fashion that I don’t forget what color eyeshadows I have. Does that happen to anyone else? I know it did for me. 

Here is my finished product:

In order to make this make-up board, you will need the following:

1. Fabric – Pick one you will love! I chose fabric I already had which was a nice simple white. I also found this fabric like mine on Amazon Crafty Cuts 2-Yards Cotton Fabric, White Solid 
2. Spray Adhesive Best thing ever! Much better than hot glue for mounting the fabric to your sheet metal and faster! 3M General Purpose 45 Spray Adhesive, 10-1/4-Ounce 
3. Magnets Buy these in bulk online…its a waste going to Lowe’s to buy them in small packets. Budget tip –  I cut up some dumpy old refrigerator magnets to hang smaller items like eyeliner etc. Magnum Magnetics Corp ProMAG 3/4″ Round Magnet 50-Pack 
4. Picture Frame this could be old or new, I chose an Aaron bros frame leftover at one of my jobs. Free is always my favorite! Distressed White Picture Frame-Solid Wood, 16×20
5. Galvanized Steel SheetingI got mine at Lowe’s in the plumbing dept. for like $8 for a 24″x36″ sheet.
6. Hot Glue gun and hot glue – for attaching magnets to make-up. Hot Melt Trigger Glue Gun (FREE 2 GLUE STICKS WITH EVERY GLUE GUN ORDER)

Now some other bloggers that I have seen actually found some beautiful old ornamental frames, and painted them a wild color and they used a very decorative fabric. I wanted more of a simple classy look, and as I said “I am a girl on a budget.” Free was music to my ears. I think the only thing I actually purchased were the magnets and the galvanized metal. Everything else I have just around my craft room. Handy huh?

Step 1: You will cut down your metal to fit your frame
Step 2: Cover the cut metal in spray adhesive on one side and wrap your fabric (almost like a present) around the metal. 
Step 3: Lay metal into the frame and secure
Step 4: Hot glue magnets on the back of your make-up
Step 5: Hang your frame where you wish
Step 6: Attach the magnets 

Unfortunately, I did not take step by step photos of this d.i.y creation, but I am linking you up to some amazing bloggers that have laid it out with photos for each step and I found a helpful video. Check them out!