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Hi Readers!

This is going to be a “DIY-ing week!” I am kind of amazed at home much I have completed thus far. The reason for the delay in the hutch post is because of a medical issue I had last weekend. I ended up at Urgent care on Sunday morning (because I was too stubborn to go the couple days prior) I had a serious Staph infection in my face!!! Argh! Terrible stuff. It was horribly painful and it made my face really swollen. I felt like i did when I had my wisdom teeth removed. Lop-sided chipmunk!  I am still finishing up my antibiotics. Once every 6 hours. That can take a toll on a person. I find myself waking up at 3:30 to take my meds on schedule now. BUT now that I am finished with my show… I have so much more time to dedicate to my passion of DIY.


My boyfriend is even jumping on the band wagon. Mostly, the reason is because we recently moved in together and we are finally hashing out where stuff should/needs to go. My one request was that all of his bikes be stored somewhere off the ground, aka on the wall in a hallway, or in the garage.

My boyfriend, Jeff, has recently turned into quite the bike collector. He started with his fixed gear, “Deuce”… This is the bike I have know the entirety of our relationship, but not he is breaching onto broader horizons. He wanted to race on a track bike and also ride a road bike. Guess what? We have acquired 2 more bikes aka Bob (the custom British bike, and “Lemond”) Jeff’s new road bike!! EEEKKKK I do not have storage for all these bikes. Especially, since my bike is apparently the only one suited for the garage.


After much debate, we started coming to reconciliation on what to do. Jeff is a creative mind and decided to create a little DIY project for himself to get his bikes off the ground.

I hope you enjoy the end results and are inspired to do something in your home!

I believe the only things he used were:

  • A sturdy wall mount (made sure to drill into the stud in the wall)

  • A piece of wooden dowel (cut down to the right size)

  • Black spray paint

  • A Pair of “Drop” handle bars

Here are more photos:

Isn’t this a fantastic solution?? Mind you… these picture frames hanging behind the bike will be moving to a better location on the outskirts of bike on the wall. I am really digging this solution! I can not wait to see what the BF comes up with next!                                                                                                             

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