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Inexpensive and easy DIY Project: Porcelain and Aged Bronze Vases

I am so happy to be writing about this project today. I saw this inspiration on pinterest from another blogger at Parlour Home Blog that wanted to recreate a cheaper version of some Z Gallerie and Jonathan Adler Vases she saw and liked.


You all know that if I can re-create the same look at a fraction of the cost… I am absolutely going to try it! Check out this easy diy project that you can try a home too!


I hope you enjoy how it turned out!



I was holding on to an old school glass coke bottle for a while, without really knowing what my plan for it was. I totally get like that with some random items and keep them around to use on future projects. So I thought, I could repurpose some vases and make them look fabulous to display in my home. I plan on doing a few more vases in the future, but I wanted to show you this entire project first.


I already had the spray paint and the puffy paint, so this project cost me NOTHING to do!J

The supplies you will need:
  1.     Fabric Puffy Paint (doesn’t matter on the color- I just used what I had in my craft supplies)
  2.     Matte Spray Paint – I used White and Bronze
You will start by peeling off labels form the bottles of cans. I didn’t peel the coke label off… it was really  stuck. I painted over it.


Next you figure out the pattern you want to do, and start applying the puffy paint. I had to reapply the puffy paint a couple times after letting it dry for a while to get the height that I wanted.



Once you are happy with the height of your pattern, you will begin to spray paint several layers on each vase to make sure its completely coated evenly and you will not see any puff paint colors showing through.


And Ta-Dah! Once it dries… you are finished!


Don’t feel like making these yourself? You don’t have to! I am making and selling them at my etsy store! Swing by and check them out. 🙂

I hope you enjoyed this project! Stay tuned for the “Vintage Hutch Makeover” to be posted tomorrow.

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