10285244_777822892295659_19571925803305950_oThank you so much for taking the time to learn more about me and how A&C came to be!

I have been an artist all my life.

With my naturally creative brain, thinking outside the box has always been an easy thing for me to do.

I know your time is precious, so I will not waste it. Here are some highlights about me… so we can get to know one another better.

  • I am from Dallas, Texas originally and was transplanted to California at a young age. (Hence the SoCal arts and my southern belle class – a.k.a arts & classy!)  I was raised by a single mom that worked her butt off to provide my sister and I. We learned the value of work at a very young age.
  • I have a formal education in stage design for theater.  I thought that was where I was meant to be in TV and Film working my way up the Art Department food chain to ultimate Production Designer. But, as soon as I arrived in film/tv…I felt so out of place and confused as to how to function in the fast paced chaos. Budgets, stress, no sleep and meetings are pretty much the lives of Production Designers. I quickly realized that interior design & blogging were more of my passion than Production design ever was, and I have been in full pursuit of my passion ever since.
  • Arts and Classy was built on the dream of creating a high end look for much less! Since I was a working girl on a tight budget, finding the perfect DIY projects to achieve the look for less is what I am all about. I am bare bones with my projects, so I don’t like to spend a lot of money on my supplies. I thrive at keeping it thrifty with my designs, but you’d never know it because I always keep it classy. I tend to use what I have in my office to make it happen instead of making a trip to home depot to make it just perfect. I love to find beauty in the imperfections while doing my DIY projects. If they were all perfect they would be boring.
  • I love coming home to a welcoming cozy space that feels like a reflection of everything I love in the world. I want to help others to have the same experience. Everyone deserves a comfortable space to come home to.

Let me tell you what Arts & Classy is…

  • It is place for creative inspiration.
  • It is a place for renter’s and homeowners to find decorating solutions and DIY projects for their spaces.
  • It is a place for interior styling and decorating advice.

Now let me tell you what Arts & Classy is not…

  • It is not a place for negativity. I will not tolerate it on my site. My site. My party. My rules.
  • It is not a blog that will show you how to renovate your home. Well as least as of yet. I am a renter and all my projects cater specifically to renters and the decorating solutions that need solving.
  • It is not a site for people that hate painted wood furniture. I do a lot of painting.
  • It is not for anyone who loves rigid straight lines. I love ornate furniture and design. My site and design reflect that style.
  • It is not for anyone “above” picking up furniture on the side of the road, going to yard sales, or thrift stores to find furniture for DIY projects!
  • It is not for anyone that expects to find designer furniture. I love creating pieces that LOOK high end without the label or the price tag.

I am not really fond of being on camera, but since 2015 I have been diligently working gone my comfort level on camera.

Check out my latest on camera experience on the exciting web series Design Dare.

In this round, I competed against and experienced Production Designer in a challenge to design a 10’x15′ space within an hour period. We had 2 helpers each to pull furniture and other decor, but the restrictions were that we could only pull from the companies warehouse to decorate it.

Spoiler Alert!!

I am happy to announce. I won this round and will be moving onto the next round where I will be competing against an Emmy Award winning set decorator! I am pretty excited about it!

Since you may be NEW to Arts & Classy, I have curated a few lists of must read blog posts that you might enjoy.

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…and In case you want to learn more!

30 surprising facts most people don’t know about me.

  1. I nerd out over Shark Week on the discovery channel every year.
  2. I am obsessed with the mysteries of our planet’s oceans and love watching documentaries about it.
  3. I have popped my knuckles since childhood. No I do not plan on stopping. 🙂 
  4. My idea of a perfect combination of movies is Romantic Comedies and Supernatural Thrillers/Horrors.
  5. I am 5’10” and I love wearing high heels.
  6. I am obsessed with staying organized with a daily planner.
  7. Wine is always the answer.
  8. I am a self taught blogger. However, If I were to start a blog all over again. I definitely would have gone through a course about blogging to expedite the return on investment.
  9. I have been working in film and TV for 6+ years.
  10. I am an Art Department Coordinator/ Set Decorator by day and an Interior Designer/Blogger the rest of the time.
  11. Kickboxing and Cuerpaso (brazilian soccer workout) are my workouts of choice.
  12. I got my BA Degree in Stage Design for Theatre from Cal State University Long Beach.
  13. I am certified in Interior Design, but I am mostly self taught from my experience in film and tv.
  14. I love kitties!!
  15. I am obsessed with blogging and talking about it. It has changed my life so much already for the better.
  16. I love motivating others to take action in their lives.
  17. When I was growing up, I had 6 cats at one time.
  18. I have moved over 17+ times in my life.
  19. I am an eternal optimist and refuse to give up on something when I have set my mind to it.
  20. I have one younger sister (we are 18 months apart) and she is one of my best friends.
  21. One of my favorite things to design as a child were forts made out of sheets and pillows.
  22. I am obsessed with black and white vertical stripes.
  23. I love the vintage glam style. Pops of gold are essential.
  24. My favorite color to decorate with is metallic gold.
  25. I make up funny little songs for my cats…and I sing them aloud. (I know… so sad)
  26. I am kind of obsessed with coffee.
  27. I love quotes about inspiration and life and have them covering my creative space to keep me inspired.
  28. I love gold accents!! There can never be enough!
  29. I hate doing dishes. It is by far my least favorite household chore.
  30. I am so happy to be doing what I love everyday.

Want to know more? Feel free to email me!