I began this 2015 by changing my approach to my blog! I decided to try a business mentality with a fun creative twist approach. Since I have been keeping track of my to-do list more effectively as well as my income, expenses, and analytics.

I know when I began blogging back in 2012 I found other bloggers traffic and income reports super helpful! I want to pay it forward to others just starting out.

If you find this income reports helpful in any way, please share them on social media! I also answer all my emails personally. If you ever have questions please feel free to email me and/or if you would like to book time with me to help you on your blogging journey or to set it up.

If you are inspired to start a blog you can do so within 10 mins. I have a post that will walk you through setting up your web hosting once you purchase your own domain. 

Learn How To Set Up Your Blog Today!




Start a blog in 10 minutes. An easy step by step guide to set up your domain + hosting + wordpress at artsandclassy.com

By focusing on my strengths, blogging has now become a full time income for me. I don’ have to take the jobs I don’t want to anymore! It is pretty amazing. I get to stay at home with my “therapy” cats and work at my leisure on the projects I am interested in.
Blogging has helped me focus on the goals I set for myself. I was never raised by an entrepreneur so I really didn’t understand how it worked. Blogging full time has helped me learn how to keep my income to the level I require to pay my bills.
Blogging makes me so incredibly happy! I love owning my own business and working for myself. It is truly the most rewarding experiences. I love being in a position from all over my experience and research to be able to help others get to the point that I am at.